Where would you use the Bridge Game ?

As the Bridge Game is a very dynamic, experiential learning activity, it’s an ideal component in a variety of programs that are intended to develop the  soft skills  of your employees, and to make them more effective in the execution of their  job skills.


In its most ‘basic’ form, this work simulation is used by many as an interactive means to build strong  partnerships on short notice. It has a natural way of preparing people to be effective in just about any project, learning program, planning session and other events where group effort is important for the success of the program.

It's also appealing to event planners and caterers who are looking for a cheerful ice breaker to
launch a symposium or to wrap up a dinner meeting, in lieu of that traditional key-note speaker.

In its ‘fully expanded’ form, the exercise is ideally suited to kick off your Project Management Fundamentals training, giving your teams an excellent sampling of things to come.  It’s a life-like project in every way, and this experience will put them hours ahead on your agenda.

It may also serve you well as the actual ‘case study’, or as a wrap-up session to measure how much was learned.  

Who would benefit from this exercise ?

  • Anyone preparing for a major project or critical group assignment.
  • Trainees starting a Project Management Fundamentals course.
  • People of all traits, cultures and backgrounds preparing to blend into your organization.
  • New hires learning to work with the incumbent staff and Managers in your company. 
  • New Managers in any business setting, getting to know their human resources.
  • Trainers, Managers, Project Leaders and anyone responsible for guiding and motivating people toward moving the business forward as a ‘seamless’ operation.
  • Co-op Students in Colleges and Universities getting a sampling of the ‘real’ workplace in preparation for their trimester assignments.
  • Marketing and Sales Trainees wrapping up their course with a touch of reality before going into the real world.  They will learn first hand that the Customer must be an  active partner  in every one of their marketing plans.
This generic work simulation provides the ideal setting for some
very 'productive fun'.
It appeals to people of all management levels and age groups,
as they learn with a smile on their faces.


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