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The Bridge Game is primarily intended as a turn-key learning tool, available for outright purchase with unlimited usage by the client. 

We also offer to facilitate customized Bridge Game Workshops at customer sites within our travelling range. The Bridge Game can be a stand-alone program with specific learning objectives, or embedded as a core component in programs offered by some of our business associates specializing in the following areas:



Project Management at various levels

Process Design / Process Management

Personal Leadership Development

Breaking Cultural and Language barriers in business

Career Planning & Development

        We can link you to the web-sites of these associates if you wish.


If you have any questions about how this product could help you in

 achieving your specific learning objectives, please give us a call.

  We would be happy to share with you how others in similar

 industries are using the Bridge Game, and why it has

  become the tool of choice in their learning centres.


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Meet Bill Geraats, Founder / Manager of VISTA Learning Services.


Bill is a Learning Specialist who has been working with a select team of specialty associates through the company he has owned and managed since 1992. During his prior 34-year career in IBM, he has served in several leading edge functions such as Customer Service, Marketing & Sales, Product Advertising & Promotion, and his favorite: Corporate Learning & Development, where he was actively involved in a number of business programs.

He also created and delivered a series of special soft skills courses for the administrative staff, helping them to see IBM through the customers’ eyes, and to make the various administrative processes and documents more user friendly. 
(Customer Relationship Management) has always been his hot button.

Bill has managed many challenging projects and has come to the conclusion that the common denominator for success or failure of a project is mostly just  ‘people’ and how they apply their soft skills.

Bill is a strong advocate of  experiential  learning and a firm believer in the magic of  team synergy, making team players more productive and customer focused. Over the years he has developed and produced a series of  “interactive learning”  tools to meet these specific objectives.

The latest and also most popular of these is the Bridge Game.  Here is where he pulled all the business aspects he ever worked with together into one comprehensive exercise, designed to challenge and enhance some specific people attributes, crucial to the success of any project or business venture.

This unique learning methodology provides some ‘highly productive fun’  enjoyed by everyone, and is based on the premise that you learn more with a smile on your face than with a frown on your forehead.
Above all, it’s a super ice breaker and a quick team builder.

Bill is a very dynamic and high energy program facilitator, drawing out the real personalities and individual work habits of his students on short notice.  He believes that:  “if you  can see it, you can fix it”.

He then helps to connect the dots for the teams to work in good harmony toward meeting the client’s expectations.
He is a widely sought after keynote speaker and motivator, and every one of his sessions has been a highly rewarding and very enjoyable experience for all participants.  His personal Bridge Game workshops get super ratings in a variety of private and public sector learning centers across North America and beyond, and they include Universities and Colleges.

His turn-key Bridge Game Kit  is being used by many Learning Professionals on a global scale.


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