The Bridge Game is an  Experiential  Learning Tool

It’s a stand-alone mini project providing you with a fun-filled  experiential  learning platform that features many of the attributes and challenges found in any real-life project or business venture.

It’s a highly interactive and quickly engaging hands-on work simulation. Up to 5 teams compete to build a bridge while coping with changing customer demands and a range of internal problems.

It requires ongoing fine-tuning of the process to deal with multiple changes and surprises throughout the exercise.  

It’s a powerful team builder, clearly demonstrating to all participants the benefits of team work versus individual strong achievers with personal agendas.

The methodology used is not industry or job specific. It works well in any and every situation where you are depending on your people working together as a seamless operation toward one common goal. It builds the Team Synergy you need for the big assignments that lie ahead …, whatever those may be.


‘Experiential’ Exercise
  • learning by trial & error …, no harm done.
  • a risk-free, non threatening environment.
  • no criticism, grading or finger pointing.
What’s in it for THEM ? 
  • invited to fully participate in the process.
  • lets them measure their own performances.
What’s in it for       YOU ?
  • gets you an early buy-in for your sessions.
  • identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Basic Objectives of this exercise


To challenge  and enhance those people attributes, crucial to the success of a project or virtually any business venture. 

Some of these include:

  • Making realistic job estimates for secret bids in a competitive environment.
  • Developing and managing a workable process based on your human and material resources.
  • Delegating, motivating and managing people to the peak of their abilities.
  • Performing under pressure to critical specs and timings without sacrificing quality.
  • Managing unexpected changes as they happen and to accept those as new opportunities to excel.
  • Communicating and working as a Team to satisfy the customer’s expectations.
  • Learning that the strength of a Team is far greater than the sum of its team players. 
Capturing the essence in one sentence:
To develop the soft skills of your employees, and to make them 
        more effective in the execution of their job skills.

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